China's new energy vehicles to support policy-intensive introduction

  Near the end, support new energy vehicles policy-intensive release, expected next year to promote the growth of the industry.

  Yesterday, the Ministry issued a "lithium-ion battery industry norms announcement Interim Measures." Earlier, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission and other five departments jointly issued the five newly revised national standards for electric vehicle charging, and will take effect on January 1 next year to implement. Insiders said that the relevant listed companies, more favorable factors.

  Lithium battery industry set the threshold

  This year, with the new energy of the explosive growth of the automotive market, the lithium battery industry chain become areas of fund inflows. When, according to China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association statistics, as of September 2015, built in lithium battery power production capacity has reached 33 billion watts, the production capacity in full production in June 2016.

  Industry insiders estimate that the second half of 2016, lithium battery power supply and demand will reach equilibrium, the industry reshuffle is inevitable. With Samsung SDI, LG Chemical and Panasonic have set up plants in China, the pressure on the domestic power lithium battery manufacturer's self-evident.

  This means that there is an urgent need for the battery industry to grow stronger. To this end, "Lithium-ion battery industry norms announcement Interim Measures," the Ministry of Industry to develop a clear threshold that apply announcement of enterprises should have the following conditions: an independent legal personality; in line with state industrial policies and relevant development plan; accord "Lithium-ion batteries industry standard conditions "; compliance with national laws and regulations, no major violations.

  Measures also stipulates that enterprises have one of the following announcement, the need to make timely changes to the application, the provincial industry department after verification, reported the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: company name change, merger, division or mergers and acquisitions, corporate production line capable of producing large changes, corporate relocation to new premises, other major changes.

  Unified standard charging interface

  Consumption of electric vehicles is a direct positive charging interface with national standard.

  Five newly revised national standards for electric vehicle charging, mainly aimed at electric vehicle charging interface issues. Five criteria including electric cars AC charging port, DC charging port, conductive charging system, charging conductive connecting device and communication protocols. Compared with the previous standard, the new national standard refined a number of technical indicators, enhanced standards compatibility, improved security charge.

  Auto analyst Jia Xinguang that are not compatible charging pile, charging hard has restricted the development of new energy vehicles. With the release of charging national standard, the new energy vehicle charging will be more convenient. "Electric cars can not always charging at home, unified charging port, charging stations like fuel vehicles 'gas station' as easy. More consumers will choose to buy new energy vehicles."

  In the policy continued, driven by sales targets car prices of new energy vehicles have gone up. It is reported that sales of new energy vehicles SAIC passenger cars this year is expected to reach 13,000 next year, the goal is to achieve 100% growth, to 26,000; BAIC New Energy Challenge 2016 plan 40,000 goal to achieve sales doubled.

  Thailand Securities believes that with a number of favorable policies floor, new energy vehicles continue to maintain high growth, 2016 sales are expected to reach 450,000, the growth rate of 80%.

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