Used car sharp devaluation, the two were forced out into the second-hand car dealer

  Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau had announced that Guangzhou starting from December 31, 2015, the implementation of the fifth phase of the national air pollutant emission standards for light-duty gasoline vehicles and public transport vehicles, sanitation, postal industry and heavy diesel vehicles (referred to as " Ⅴ emission standards "). By then, the vehicle does not meet the requirements will be discontinued, registration and transfer. Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently visited Guangzhou used car market has learned, affected by the sharp depreciation of Guangzhou used car, the price of some models even in less than a year fell 30% to 40%. At the same time, 20% to 30% weaker second-hand car dealers out, the number of over two hundred.

  A, used to drop the prices of three Daosi Cheng

  Yesterday, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter age three and a half driving a car, traveling 39,000 kilometers of high-class Japanese cars go Kwong Chun used car market, to some second-hand car dealer car current asking price. Many car dealers after careful inspection vehicle have said: The car can only sell 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.

  However, the car at the end of March this year, and Polly Kwong Chun Jie some car dealers out of the purchase price, compared with 100,000 to 110,000 yuan. This also means that, in just over eight months, car prices fell by nearly forty percent. "If there is no country five policies to your car's maintenance situation can sell at least 110,000 yuan." A second-hand car dealer surnamed Deng said that since the introduction of the policy from the five countries, used car dealers began to significantly drive down the purchase price of the vehicle. "No way, after the policy came out, second-hand cars can be said that every day a price, if you can not sell, receive incoming car will certainly be a loss, car dealers can not only drive down the purchase price." The car represents suppliers.

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter from Guangzhou at some second-hand car dealers learned depreciated second-hand car phenomenon in the current second-hand car market is very popular. If a car dealer told reporters surnamed Zeng, 2008 Avantgarde classic Fox April purchase price of about 38,000 yuan, and now only about 25,000 yuan, a decline of nearly 35%.

  B, car dealers selling cars blocked the way out

  "Pearl River Delta five countries immediately implement emission, but it is very difficult to find a buyer in this short period of time, so a lot of car dealers from November will not dare to close the car, if the buyer can not be found to Used car current rate of depreciation, the loss will not cause much car dealers can accept the deregulation. "Baoli Jie Huang, a car dealer said that this is one of the important reasons for the sharp depreciation of the used car.

  In this regard, general manager of Guangzhou Baoli Jie old motor vehicle trading market Management Ltd., Vice Chairman of Guangdong Automobile Dealers Association Sun Mingxia told Yangcheng Evening News reporter interview also revealed that Guangzhou used car sold only two to three percent Guangzhou citizens, and the remaining seven to insure that you will need sold overseas, many of which are sold to the surrounding areas. "Seeing the Pearl River Delta will be the implementation of the country five, Foshan, Dongguan, Guangzhou and other surrounding cities have also moved to improve the used car threshold and the difficulty of auditing." Sun Mingxia example, one car dealer in Foshan recently found a buyer, but an appointment moved Ten days into the necessary, in order to facilitate this transaction as soon as possible, the car have had to find their used car business in Foshan, a partner to complete this single transaction. "If car dealers and some neighboring areas unfamiliar or not opportunities, Guangzhou car dealers want to sell the car in these areas is not easy." Sun Mingxia think, around the city of Guangzhou to improve the used car moved audit, appointments threshold and difficulty, is tantamount to blocking the Guangzhou section of second-hand car dealers sell cars the way out.

  C, more than two hundred car dealers have been forced out

  One of the important conditions for car dealers to have a way out, second-hand car dealer car source in addition to survival. 31 formally implemented the PRD national V emission policy, while other areas outside of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong in the next year officially implemented on July 1, then how to get more access policies for each region or country Capella good condition vehicle, has become an important factor in the test car dealers can survive. Sun Mingxia told reporters that the current situation, the future perhaps only part of the stronger car dealers do not worry too much about the source of the problem Grab the car. "There are now 5% on the market strength of the second-hand car dealers have begun and cars brand 4S shop used car division to expand cooperation in the 4S shop to pay two million to three million yuan deposit before accepting any offer of a 4S shop emissions and models of used cars, then these second-hand cars wholesale to other second-hand car dealers earn the difference in the middle, each may profit 2000-3000 yuan. "Sun Mingxia said.

  For those two countries buy back, country, three models, the Sun Mingxia told reporters, Guangzhou car to remote areas of the Chamber of Commerce wholesale car dealer. "Every weekend, there will be car dealers come and get the car in remote areas, such as some car dealers Tieling, Liaoning, Xinjiang and other regions, each take about eight to ten." Baoli McNair confirmed a car dealer surnamed Sun Mingxia of statement. Sun Mingxia said the second-hand car dealer in remote areas above each car will receive net profit of about 5000 yuan.

  "The situation in the next Guangzhou used car dealers will show a polarization of the weak weaker, the strong stronger!" Sun Mingxia told reporters that the five countries affected by emissions policy, recently used the prices continued to fall, failed to find a way out, this year There are two to three into the strength of the weak car dealers have been forced to close or change jobs, the number of more than two hundred. In addition, Sun Mingxia also revealed that, with the collapse of the previous limited licensing policy affect car dealers, exceeded five percent. "Some of the weaker car dealer if not in this round of closures is flooded, the days will be more sad or before May next year will be another 10 to 15 percent of car dealers have been eliminated." Sun Mingxia revealed

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