Glory and mission, joint venture brand car early car review (d)

    "The first generation of real shot" is our recent ongoing series of topics, pre-SAIC Volkswagen has been the first batch of Santana, the first batch of domestic Beverly, Nissan Blonde Blue Bird to share. This period we will present the other domestic mainstream joint venture brand of the first generation of cars to summarize their birth background, the two sides choose their cooperation as the first car production reasons. Of course, the future will also have these first generation car alone to introduce the real shot. As the domestic joint venture brand is now a little more, we will be divided into multi-period introduction, this period will bring the brand FAW - Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, FAW Toyota and SAIC GM Buick and so on.

■ SAIC GM Buick

◆ the main business of the new century

Buick in the country believe that no one knows the new century, this car may not have all know, even if it is SAIC GM Buick production of the first car. In accordance with the routine, we still start with the common Buick and SAIC chat. May be a lot of people do not know, GM was expected to be ahead of the German Volkswagen and SAIC cooperation.


SAIC and the public cooperation is very successful, to 1994, Santana's annual sales have exceeded 160,000. At this time SAIC has a new plan, hoping to joint venture into a high-end cars, in order to other high-end cars to seize the official car market share. Subsequently, SAIC sent a delegation to visit Japan, South Korea, France, the United States, Germany, a number of car companies, after repeated comparison, decided to choose the US auto companies to cooperate


New century shape of the atmosphere, suitable for business vehicles, Taurus is more suitable as a private car. Comprehensive comparison, SAIC chose to cooperate with GM, because GM in the parts of the domestic support, technology development specific action program, CKD material import prices, technology transfer conditions have four aspects of the weak advantage. More importantly, SAIC hopes to shake the Audi 100 through the new century, the status of the official car.



It is worth mentioning that SAIC and GM's cooperation was the largest auto joint venture project at the time, with a total investment of US $ 1.521 billion. The Shanghai Municipal Government even listed the project as a key project in 1998. Cooperation both sides are full of longing for the future, planning an annual output of 100,000, localization rate of 40% or more.


The new century is very atmospheric, body length close to 5 meters (4984mm), wheelbase to 2769mm. It also equipped with a 3.0L V6 engine, the maximum power of up to 170 horsepower. As the first model, it is from the development stage of concern, and China is more hope that its quality can exceed the standards of North America. The chassis of the new century is adjusted according to the Chinese road conditions, and the engine and gearbox are re-calibrated.


At that time Buick in the new century and GL8 after a brief success, SAIC GM Buick hope to fight for more ordinary consumers, rather than stay in the official car level. After the goal is determined, the improved Regal on the basis of the new century Buick is included in the development plan. Facts have proved that Buick's adjustment is successful, in 2003 sales Buick in the high-class car this segment market share from 23.6% in 2002 rose to 30.7%, Jun Wei first victory.


Compared to Buick other domestic models, the new century is relatively unknown models, because it was in the high-end cars, mainly for the official car market; secondly, it is too short production cycle, and later succeed Regal head over it. It is no doubt that the new century is a very good quality of the car, and now occasionally in some of the parking lot in Guangzhou to see its shadow. For some friends in Shanghai, I believe that childhood memories will have its part.

This article concludes:

Now the domestic joint venture brand is very much, this period were introduced FAW - Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, FAW Toyota and SAIC GM Buick these four brands of the first generation of cars. Whether it is Jetta, Accord, Vios or the new century, as their respective brands put into operation the first models, their positioning is not the same, but all shoulder the same mission, which is a supreme glory. After 80, 90 later said that some of them have more special emotions. If you have a good car on the first generation, please contact me, we make detailed real shot articles, share them to everyone.

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